be-oom, Exmouth Market

be-oom is a tea brand that offers naturally sourced tea from small farms in Korea. The brand was founded to bring the tradition of Korean tea drinking culture – to drink tea with meditation making use of the aromatic and calming nature of tea. Our design focus is to connect the culture of Korean tea drinking into contemporary city life through materiality, spatial experience design.

Tea leaves travel from mountains and hills to enter our daily life, and the shop’s carpentry reflects the same process. The use of timber is carefully designed to reflect nature within our daily tea rituals and culture. Studio Buoy and the design team oversaw the entire process of transformation, encapsulating nature within the everyday woodwork of the space..

The crucial element in the tea brewing is the appreciation of water. Often in Korean architecture, carved granite water channels are integrated into architectural structure to gently guide the rain water to the right place. There is a poetic sensitivity to this architectural element imposing the connection between nature and human. Use of granite stone at the various touch points celebrates Korean vernacular architecture and its appreciation of nature.

Tea garden
Tuck in the back of the tea shop, the tea garden creates a serene pocket space for intimate tea introduction, blending workshops or private function. The green house allows sunlight yet protects guests from the harsh temperature outside. Kiln dried and waney edge English Ash was hand picked by our design team to create a table as a focal piece.