Codrington Hill

Codrington Hill, South London

Our objective was to transform this neglected 1970’s terraced house and make it compatible with contemporary living. We remodelled the basement and ground floor.  

By exploring the relationships between adjacent spaces, indoors and out, our aim was to soften the brick brutalism by borrowing from nature and also framing it. A large window overlooking the back garden frames the beauty of everyday urban life; providing a panorama of mature trees, shrubbery and wildlife as well as the cityscape and sky beyond.   Elsewhere sustainable materials complement and maximise the space. A sliding oversized pocket door allows the residents to play with the connection between the living area and the hallway.

The narrow, elongated glazing on the approach to the ground floor staircase perfectly frames the handcrafted timber balustrade and circular wall light. While floor-to-ceiling glazing on the stairs to the basement directs the light down.